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Auteur: Hungry Software
Uitgever: Hungry Software
Meer details:MobyGames
Gerelateerde spellen: Liberated (former commercial), Lemmings like, Ducks series

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This is a liberated game: it was originally shareware, but on 6 November 2006 author Tim Furnish released the full version as freeware.

To unlock the game, select OPTIONS and then REGISTER DUCKS. Enter the name EVERYONE and then the key 004893 and you should be told that the game has been registered.

Beoordeling door gebruikers

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Ever wanted to take control of a small green duck which would then lead a load of small orange ducks to a bunch of rockets? Well, now you can! Alternatively, walk them onto spikes, under big squishing green hand things, into elecrical duck zappers or drop them too far so they go "squesh". That's "squesh".

Ducks brings together the best of puzzle, arcade and platform games in one neat feathery package. Addictive gameplay snuggles up against and gazes into the eyes of gorgeously detailed way-too-many-directional scrolling graphics. Patience and more than a little careful planning get into a big playground scrap with dangerous confrontations and the need for speedy reflexes. Wonderful ambient background noises sit drinking comedy squelches and forlorn quacks as ducks explode, leaving only splatterings of... red paint. It's paint. And it's optional anyway. You have not experienced all the joy that hitting a spring, dodging a ravenous oozing alien beasty and piling all your mates into a spaceship can bring until you have played... Ducks.

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