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Psion Chess


Auteur: Richard Lang
Uitgever: Psion Software
Meer details:MobyGames
Gerelateerde spellen: Liberated (former commercial), Chess

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Author Richard Lang and copyright holder Psion Software have generously released this game as freeware on 27 February 2006.

Beoordeling door gebruikers

Wat vind jij van Psion Chess? Beoordeel het spel hieronder op een schaal van 1 tot 10, waarbij 1 de laagste en 10 de hoogste score is.



Psion Chess is programmed by Richard Lang, a computer chess champion in the 80s and programmer of some of the most advanced dedicated chess computers of the epoque. The Atari ST version of Psion Chess is said to be a mildly modified version of his "Amsterdam program" which won the 1985 world computer chess championships.

Gamewise, Psion Chess has both 2D and fixed-perspective 3D views of the board, visible both from the black and white sides, a full range of handicaps, move suggestions, solutions for mate problems up to 10 levels, remi offers and most other options a demanding chess player can ask for. A library of 50 master parties is also available for viewing.

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