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Redneck Rampage



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Redneck Rampage Collection: €9,99


The alpha demo version contains a portion of the first level from the full game.

NOTE: This game can be played directly in Windows using a very accurate third-party engine recreation (please see the links section below).

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Leonard and Bubba gotta get back Bessie, their prize-winnin' pig who's been abducted by aliens in Redneck Rampage, a ruckus-raisin' riot of a first person 3D shooter set in the fictional town of Hickston, Arkansas.

Armed with up to nine impractical and occasionally illegal weapons ranging from a crowbar to an alien arm gun (to pull the trigger, yank on the tendon), blast your way with the boys through country bars and trailer parks. The aliens have been busy conducting experiments, cloning local folks like Hickston's resident drunkard, Billy Ray.

Now these ornery alien enemies lurk behind every outhouse and jukebox, scratching themselves and waitin' to whoop yer butt. If you thought navigating through a melted-down Los Angeles or sneaking around ogres' castles was tough, then just try your hand a-whompin' and a-stompin' the good ol' boys at Stanky's Bar & Grill. You'll find there's nothin' more terrifyin' than the deep chuckle of an inbred alien clone stalking you in the backwoods, with nobody to hear your teeth chattering but the fifty chickens milling around underfoot.

Beschrijving door Interplay Productions


  • BubbaNet (Redneck Rampage fan site)
  • Rednukem (accurate Redneck Rampage engine recreation)


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