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Mars - The Ultimate Fighter



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Je kunt Mars - The Ultimate Fighter op deze website spelen, zodat je het spel niet op jouw computer hoeft te downloaden en te installeren. We raden je aan Google Chrome te gebruiken wanneer je DOS-spellen online speelt.

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Mars, or The Ultimate Fighter is an obscure Taiwanese DOOM clone with a pretty decent engine that may remind you of the early Duke Nukem 3D prototype LameDuke. The engine is similar to that of DOOM, but somewhat more advanced, including the ability to look up and down, underwater areas with a distortion effect, and other fancy elements. The gameplay is very similar.

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the remains of humanity survives in an underground city under a quasi-totalitarian state. The protagonist more or less happily goes about his job as a soldier until one day he learns of his parents' murder, which is never solved. Sometime after, he is contacted by a mysterious person known only as Mars who reveals the dark secret: the leader of the sate is not human at all, and must be defeated. And so the hero starts off, alone, to take on the forces that stand between him and the final showdown with the evil leader.

The playable demo contains the first two levels from the full game. The game is in Chinese, but the menus should be easy to navigate (New Game, Save, Load, Options and Exit).

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