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Auteur: Gremlin Interactive
Uitgever: Interplay Productions
Meer details:Officiële spelwebsite, MobyGames, Wikipedia
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Normality: €2,39

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Normality is a first-person point-and-click adventure game with a freely navigable environment that uses the same engine as Realms of the Haunting. Set in a sort of a comic dystopian parody, the story follows Kent, a decidedly rebellious individual who does not want to conform to the rules of Neutropolis, a perpetually grim place where being cheerful is a crime.

As the Norms try to force Kent into behaving like everyone else (and becoming a dull mediocrity), he is contacted by a mysterious resistance group and sets off to investigate... if only it weren't for these pesky Norm Troopers that want to make him watch TV 24 hours a day. The game plays as a typical point-and-click adventure, except that you can roam freely like in a DOOM engine game. Many actions are played as pre-rendered CGI animation sequences that show Kent from the third person, and every action and description has voice-over lines.

The playable demo allows to sample the beginning of Normality and includes animated cutscenes and voiced-over dialogue.

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