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DOS-spel online spelen

Je kunt PANGG! op deze website spelen, zodat je het spel niet op jouw computer hoeft te downloaden en te installeren. We raden je aan Google Chrome te gebruiken wanneer je DOS-spellen online speelt.

DOS-spel online spelen

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Bestand Details
  • uitvoerbaar bestand: PANGG.BAT
  • configured for DOSBox

Beoordeling door gebruikers

Wat vind jij van PANGG!? Beoordeel het spel hieronder op een schaal van 1 tot 10, waarbij 1 de laagste en 10 de hoogste score is.



PANGG! is a fan remake of (and homage to) Capcom's arcade game Pang (also known as Buster Bros.) for one or two players. You control a little dude at the bottom of the screen whose job is to burst bubbles that bounce around using a kind of a grappling hook that shoots upwards. Any bubble that touches the hook or its rope instantly splits into a pair of smaller bubbles, and the smallest ones disappear from the screen. The objective in each level is to clear the screen of all bubbles before the time runs out. Careful - if a bubble touches the player it's instant level restart. Some bubbles drop bonuses when burst, which the player is advised to pick up.

PANGG! was developed by a Spanish fan of the original game, and is entirely in Spanish but knowledge of the language is not required to enjoy it. There are only PC speaker sound effects and no music in this game. PANGG! was released as freeware.

Beschrijving door MrFlibble