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Super Bubble Mania



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Je kunt Super Bubble Mania op deze website spelen, zodat je het spel niet op jouw computer hoeft te downloaden en te installeren. We raden je aan Google Chrome te gebruiken wanneer je DOS-spellen online speelt.

DOS-spel online spelen

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Bestand Details
  • uitvoerbaar bestand: BMANIA.BAT
  • configured for DOSBox

Beoordeling door gebruikers

Wat vind jij van Super Bubble Mania? Beoordeel het spel hieronder op een schaal van 1 tot 10, waarbij 1 de laagste en 10 de hoogste score is.



Super Bubble Mania is an action arcade game for one or two players, with certain similarities to Space Invaders and Asteroids. The player character moves along the bottom part of the screen and can shoot upwards, while a number of coloured bubbles bounces across the screen. These will burst into progressively smaller bubbles when hit by the player's shots, until the smallest ones disappear when burst. The stage ends when there are no bubbles left before the countdown timer reaches zero.

At the same time, the player needs to avoid any contact with bubbles as touching one leads to instantly losing, with the level restarted if there are spare lives left. Some bubbles drop bonuses such as weapon powerups for the player to pick up and use.

Super Bubble Mania was sold as shareware. The unregistered version only includes the "World Mode" for one or two players, while the full game also offers two other game modes. The game was subsequently ported to Windows.

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