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Ook bekend als: Sfinx Lite (demo version title)
Auteur: L.K. Avalon
Uitgever: L.K. Avalon
Meer details:Officiële spelwebsite, MobyGames
Gerelateerde spellen: Liberated (former commercial), DOS & Windows, Multi-language

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  • uitvoerbaar bestand: SFINX.BAT
  • configured for DOSBox

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Sfinx is a kid-friendly point-and-click adventure game from Poland. You control two characters, the girl Andzia and the boy Wacek, who are tasked by a professor to find and rescue a stranded alien. For the most of the game, both characters are present on the screen, and the player switches between them to use their different abilities and inventory items. There are plenty of puzzles to be solved, some of which do not seem exactly intuitive.

The game world is drawn in a peculiar cartoonish style, and all dialogue is fully voiced-over. Sfinx was originally released only in Poland and had no international versions in other languages. The demo version, called Sfinx Lite, includes unique puzzles that recycle the full game's content (i.e. the already-existing scenes and items are arranged in new ways). The full game was made freeware by L.K. Avalon in around 2004 and could be downloaded from the developer's website.

In 2014, the game code of Sfinx was incorporated in the ScummVM engine with the permission from the original authors, and the English translation became available for the first time. The original Polish version may be now played in ScummVM as well.

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  • ScummVM (SCUMM engine recreation) tip